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Welcome to the Online Registration form for Unit Elections. The purpose of this form is for the Arapaho Chapter to more easily schedule Unit Elections and to help us keep better records in compliance with Mikanakawa Lodge and National Order of the Arrow standards and practices. All troops and teams who wish to hold a Unit Election must register online. Arapaho Chapter will send a Trained Unit Elections Team to your meeting to conduct the Election. You must fill out this form to have a valid election. Please fill out ALL of the fields so that your request will be properly processed.

Unit Elections, if a Troop or Varsity Team desires to hold one, must be held between December 1st, 2021 and March 30th, 2022. Once you complete this form you will receive an automatic email verifying that your request has been logged. This does not guarantee your Election date! The Unit Elections Committee will get in contact with you soon to verify that you have completed the proper pre-election procedures. Please understand that Northern Trail is a very large district, servicing nearly 30 Scout Troops, and demand for Unit Elections is high, especially near the end of February and early March. The best chance of getting a Certified Unit Elections Team to appear at your troop/team meeting on your preferred date is to register with us as far in advance as possible and/or to schedule an early date. Thank you, and please make sure you have filled out everything correctly before you hit the ‘Register’ button.

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