Arapaho Chapter Leadership

The following are the individuals responsible for running and maintaining the Arapaho Chapter. It takes the dedicated support of these volunteers to ensure a quality program. For descriptions of each officer position, see the Officer Description Page.

2018-2019 Chapter Officers

(elected on 10/9/2018)
Chapter Chief Muhammad Ikram
Vice Chief of Inductions Max Allen
Vice Chief of American Indian Activities
Noah Smith
Vice Chief of Service Luke Rudebeck
Vice Chief of Program Jared Fierova
Vice Chief of Administration Russell Nicodemus
Vice Chief of Communication and Technology Jason Bogdan

Chapter Appointed Leads

(Appointed by the Chapter Chief and Approved by the Chapter Adviser)

OA Troop/Team Representative Lead
Unit Elections Lead Steven Mendelsohn
Concessions Lead

Chapter Advisers

Chapter Adviser Kevin Smith
Associate Chapter Adviser – Inductions/American Indian Activities
Associate Chapter Adviser – Program
Associate Chapter Adviser – Service Matthew Fertita
Associate Chapter Adviser – Administration
Position Open
Associate Chapter Adviser – Communications/Webmaster
Associate Chapter Adviser – Unit Elections

Position Open

Associate Chapter Adviser – Health and Safety Joe Torres
Staff Adviser Jack Carpenter

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