Members of your troop elect you into the OA. You are selected for the Vigil Honor. Brotherhood membership is the only level you take upon yourself to complete! There are plenty of opportunities to take your Brotherhood. It is offered at Ordeals, Fall Fellowship, Pow-Wow, Summer Camp and the Arapaho Chapter also offers Brotherhood at Camporee.

The requirements are:

  • Ordeal membership for 6 complete months Current Registration with both Circle Ten Council and Mikanakawa Lodge Write a letter of re-dedication Complete the Brotherhood Hike and/or Brotherhood Questionnaire
  • Complete the Brotherhood Ceremony.

Taking the Brotherhood allows you an opportunity to review your dedication to boy scouts and the OA. We can encourage you to seal your membership but the decision is yours alone. The cost is $20, which covers the price of the sash (red arrow with bars at either end)

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