Ordeal Rescheduled to March 20-22

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From the Lodge:

Fellow Mikanakawans and Candidates for Membership,

With forecasts for the weekend growing more dismal rather than brighter, we have made the decision to cancel the Ordeal scheduled for Camp Wisdom this weekend.  Our objective of impressing upon new members our cardinal principles of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service would likely not be met if they are distracted by the combination of bone chilling cold and precipitation.   Furthermore, our objective of accomplishing the needed improvements at Camp Wisdom would also likely not be met if we were trying to accomplish them in the midst of a potential freezing rain.

Still, the work needs to be done and the Brothers of Mikanakawa Lodge are committed to do our part in service to our historic Camp Wisdom.  For this reason, we have rescheduled the Induction Weekend to March 20-22.  We understand that this is a busy school and Scouting season so not everyone will be able to attend that weekend.  If you cannot, we will automatically forward your registration to the May Ordeal weekend at the camp to which your district has been assigned.  Both candidates and staff are required to attend the Ordeal at the camp assigned to your district.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of the reason for this decision.  We want our Scouts to be safe and we want our new members to receive the positive experience that the Induction Weekend is meant to be.

Yours in Cheerful Service,

Mikanakawa Lodge Key 3

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